Super Alloy Material
Increased Scaffolding
Improved Flexibility
Ultra Thin Struts
Low Crossing Profile
Superior Manufacturing

The ChromoFlex is made from cobalt chromium with only 10% nickel.



The 10 Cell/20 struts scaffolding design increases vessel wall support.



(data on file)

The flexibility of the ChromoFlex has been compared to numerous market leaders and has shown to be the most flexible stent on the market.

Strut Thickness:

Studies show that reducing stent strut thickness decreases restenosis.
The ChromoFlex struts are thinner than those of most competitors (0.065mm / 0.0025″).


Crossing Profile:

3.0mm stent: 0.096mm (0.037″)



A special post crimping process creates tiny cushions in the balloons material that aids the retention of the stent to the balloon and protects the stent from snaring.


Length (mm) Stent Diameter (mm)
Size &
  2.5 2.75 3.0 3.5 4.0
11 CB1-2511 CB1-27511 CB1-3011 CB1-3511 CB1-4011
14 CB1-2514 CB1-27514 CB1-3014 CB1-3514 CB1-4014
17 CB1-2517 CB1-27517 CB1-3017 CB1-3517 CB1-4017
20 CB1-2520 CB1-27520 CB1-3020 CB1-3520 CB1-4020
24 CB1-2524 CB1-27524 CB1-3024 CB1-3524 CB1-4024
28 CB1-2528 CB1-27528 CB1-3028 CB1-3528 CB1-4028
Registry trial data available on request