A multi-purpose, semi-compliant dilation catheter for consistant angiographic success.

Hypotube design for enhanced pushability.

Soft & tapered distal tip aids crossing tight lesions.

Smooth transition to hypotube provides resistance to kinking.

Long support wire eliminates directional pushability.

Stylish hub provides easy grip.

Dual radiopaque platinum iridium markers.

Tri-fold polyamide balloon material.

The shaped tip of the Explorer catheter combined with the 0.47mm (0.018″) entry profile provides access to the tightest lesions


Length (mm) Balloon Diameter (mm)


Size &
  1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0
10 EN2-1510 EN2-2010 EN2-2510 EN2-3010 EN2-3510 EN2-4010
12 EN2-1512 EN2-2012 EN2-2512 EN2-3012 EN2-3512 EN2-4012
15 EN2-1515 EN2-2015 EN2-2515 EN2-3015 EN2-3515 EN2-4015
20 EN2-1520 EN2-2020 EN2-2520 EN2-3020 EN2-3520 EN2-4020
25 EN2-1525 EN2-2025 EN2-2525 EN2-3025 EN2-3525 EN2-4025
30 EN2-2030 EN2-2530 EN2-3030 EN2-3530 EN2-4030