Southern Cross

Pushability: Optimised hypotube design
Trackability: Hydrophilic coating balloon
Crossability: Low balloon & tip profile

The whole outer lumen is coated with a newly formulated hydrophilic material to reduce friction and aid trackablity.



Blow-moulded polyamide ballon material results in higher rated burst pressures while maintaining flexibility. Tri-folded ballon and thin balloon material means reduced catheter profiles. Integrated platinum-iridium radiopaque markers for optimum low profile.

The shaped tip of the Southern Cross catheter combined with the 0.41mm (0.016″) entry profile provides access to the tightest lesions.


The hypotube transition to the distal segment is optimised to transform push to flexibility while avoiding kinking.
The result is execellent pushability and trackability.



Case Study


Shepherd’s crook RCA with total occlusion. Angioplasty performed using 2.5 x 20mm Southern Cross catheter.


Cardiologist rating “Very good ballon” Scored 8 out of 10 for each of pushability, trackabililty, crossability, tip profile and balloon profile.


Length (mm) Balloon Diameter (mm)
Size &
10 SCA1-1510 SCA1-2010 SCA1-2510 SCA1-3010 SCA1-3510 SCA1-4010
12 SCA1-1512 SCA1-2012 SCA1-2512 SCA1-3012 SCA1-3512 SCA1-4012
15 SCA1-1515 SCA1-2015 SCA1-2515 SCA1-3015 SCA1-3515 SCA1-4015
20 SCA1-1520 SCA1-2020 SCA1-2520 SCA1-3020 SCA1-3520 SCA1-4020
25 SCA1-1525 SCA1-2025 SCA1-2525 SCA1-3025 SCA1-3525 SCA1-4025
30 SCA1-1530 SCA1-2030 SCA1-2530 SCA1-3030 SCA1-3530 SCA1-4030